The New Trends for American Travelers

Find out what has changed or stayed the same for American tourism over the past few years. From generation to generations, the style of vacationing by Americans will vary.  Things like the More »

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HostelBookers: Budget Traveller Trends 2012 to 13

At this year we decided to use our internal data not only to tell you what our top destinations are to visit but also to create a visual chart of popular trends More »

Cyprus: A Paradise for Soon-to-be-Couples

Anyone who thinks of getting married romantically should consider doing wedding vows in Cyprus. It is hailed as the city of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, since it is More »

The Most Elegant Castles in France

France has over 1000 castles. A month would not be enough for you to explore these majestic European castles; moreover, not all of these castles are available for public viewing. Fortunately, some More »

Tourist Places to Visit in Chile

Every year, nearly 2.25 million foreign tourists visit Chile. One of the major reasons for this big number is the diversity of natural landscapes. Chile has breathtaking dry landscape of Atacam desert More »


Escaping the Winter Weather on Holiday

We stubbornly refuse to believe that anyone actually really likes winter weather. All that snow and sleet? No, thank you. That’s why we thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the ideal holiday locations for anyone looking to get some sun, sea and sand during the chillier months of the year. These are some of the standout locations, many of them reachable from the Bristol Airport area:

Take a Small Trip! You’ll Be More Productive!

Productivity can be difficult to keep up through long periods. Even the most motivated and dedicated individuals come to learn that willpower and focus aren’t unlimited resources, and simply trying harder to keep your productivity up isn’t actually a solution. The human brain needs stimulation, and this gets especially true when you’re used

Market Leaders, Holiday Mate, Bring You Cheap Holidays to Turkey So You Can Enjoy the Sunshine Without Breaking the Bank.

Marmaris is a large resort, with a wonderful cosmopolitan vibe; visitors from all walks of life come here so there is something for everyone.  Whether that’s the famed nightlife, the numerous water sports on offer or marvelling at the spectacular yachts in the many marinas.

Airport Infographic

This peculiar infographic has been made using information from various sources from around the world wide web. A Day In The Life Of An Airport is a new insight on behalf of the ladies and fellows at Voyager that looks closely at the usual goings on within an airport. This includes things such as facts on airport shopping, checking in and even first class lounges. For instance, were you aware that Heathrow is the third busiest airport worldwide? And that 26% of airport passengers will browse around but never buy a single item? All of this and more as we look closer at the average life of an airport.

Top 5 New Gadgets That Make It Easy For You To Get Away Without The Kids

All parents deserve to have some time away from the kids, but this is often easier said than done. There is practically a laundry list of things to worry about when parents step out of the home, but there may be help out there in the form of technology. Parents looking to finally take a much-needed vacation without the kids could find the solutions that they need with advanced tech gadgets.

Discovering Sardinia with a Yacht

Sardinia is the second biggest island of Italy, after Sicily, and it is one of the most popular sea destinations for international VIPS thanks to its breathtaking beaches and landscapes.

North Sardinia offers also a lot of discos, pubs and shops so it is the perfect destination also for people that loves to enjoy during the night.

Bora Bora Is a Great Island Paradise

Where will your next vacation be? Why not choose some beautiful tropical island destination that is so awe inspiring it was named twice. I am talking about the island or Bora Bora. You can’t ignore an island that is so beautiful that it gets the same name twice.

Top 5 Luxury Hotels in Dubai

Cultivating an environment where the rich and powerful can live in the lap of luxury is the particular specialty of the wondrous city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Their glittering skyline is littered with a wide variety of different hotels and resorts that cater to the dreams and desires of the world’s upper classes. Marvelous feats of architectural design come together with the world’s finest services to create desert oases that offer experiences that can be matched nowhere else.

Three Must Haves for the Extreme Traveler

If you are someone who finds themselves on a typical weekend, say, swimming with the sharks in South Africa, or ice-climbing in Alaska, or speeding your way through the Australian Outback, or perhaps even going for a little bike ride in the deep jungles of South America, then you are the quintessential extreme traveler. This means you are perfectly aware that when you leave your house to take on life-risking adventures head-on, you are leaving with nothing but the absolute bare essentials- virtually nothing to lose. Fortunately, in this modern age there is a lot more you can do out there alone in the world with a lot less, and minimalism is a virtue to be practiced in extreme traveling. Of course, things like clothes, food, first aid, and toiletries are a given, but here are three other important must-have items that may (or may not) save your life in a time of crises.


Adventures in traveling have never been easier thanks to the fact that you can now set dates, buy tickets, rent equipment, and call home on one compact little gadget and the help of global satellite signals. This device alone can guide you through an entire trip without the hassle of an unnecessary extra backpack-full of items.

How to Keep Your Kids Entertained While On Vacation

Are you planning a family vacation with your teenagers but they don’t seem to be thrilled about going on vacation with their parents? If you want to plan an unforgettable vacation with your family, then you need to know how to keep your kids entertained while you are on vacation. You can check out nice New Orleans hotels that you can choose from and book one room for the parents and another for the kids. That way, they will feel like they have some privacy while they are on vacation. It is their vacation too! So how do you keep your children entertained when you are en route to your vacation destination?