10 Tips You Should Know When Staying In An Hotel Or Airbnb With Your Baby

10 Tips You Should Know When Staying In An Hotel Or Airbnb With Your Baby

Travel with a baby can be very difficult as babies needs to be very comfortable whether they are at home or far from home. You would need to be very prepared and think deep when traveling. Hotels and Airbnb are not your home so don’t expect them to have single thing you would for your child. But there are things you can do to make a difference and make your stat there with your child very easy that we are sharing this tips for parent who would be traveling with their child or baby so keep reading.


10 Tips You Should Know When Staying In An Hotel Or Airbnb With Your Baby

1. Find out what baby gears your hotel or Airbnb has to offer

Ensure to enquire from your hotel or airbnb that they have amenities for your baby. Most hotels and aribnb wll provide you a baby crib if you inform them on time about your baby needs. They can also provide for you a mini fridge if you need to pump and preserve your breast milk for your child.

2. Have a set up plan for your kids food

When traveling with your kids you should consider what they will eat. Children are not like adult so they are not really opened to new things at all times when it comes to food. So ensure to get them food there are used to from home. You can either pack it from home or make enquiries if you can get such food in that country you are travelling to so your child don’t starve.

Medicine should also not be left out every parent knows their child better and are usually aware of some common sickness that easily affects their child. So ensure to also travel with their medicines and other little first aid kits if possible.

3. Travel with a dish soap and drying rack

You should not always expect your hotel or airbnb to provide every single thing for you. Especially when you are travelling with a child ensure to go with your own dishsoap and travel drying rack this will help you alot.

This might seem like a simple thing but t makes a whole of different for traveling parent as you would be able to keep your babies things clean at all time and also a clean dry place to keep them.

4. Travel with a stroller and baby carrier

This might seem like too much but trust it is better to have options to choose from than nothing having much. You never know when you might need to use any of them, it all depends on your destination. A carrier will be needed if you will be heading to a distant place but if it is near then you would not need a carrier but a stroller.

All this makes traveling really easy and comfortable for parents which is why you really need them. They are lots of option available for you if you are worried about which one stroller or carrier to travel with or better still just go with the one you already have.

5. Travel with a backpack

Travelling with a baby is already a difficult task on it own so don’t add more stress to yourself by carrying an handbag. Instead opt for a backpack this will give enough space to place all your baby needs like diapers, feeders, snack and if possible extra clothings.

Remember that when traveling you would be on the outside more than inside so you would need to go around with all this things at all times.

6. Travel with your babies favorite things

Whether you are at home there are things that will never change when to comes to your baby that includes their favorite toys, snack and even sound that makes them sleep. This is something you should have in mind and carry with you when traveling.

You would need to travel with a sound machine or radio if your baby has a favourite sound that makes them sleep. This will be very important especially when in an unfamiliar environment.

7. Locate the nearest shopping stores

When traveling with your little ones you would need to go with lots of needed things like diapers, feeders, dishwashing soaps and so on especially products your baby is used to. But might sometime mean overpacking.

Whether you are overpacking or not still make sure you locate the nearest shopping stores where you can easily get whatever you need for your baby incase you run out of something.

8. Consider renting baby gears

Not everyone wants to travel with some baby gear like strollers and carrier but you need them moving around in that foreign country. The best option s to consider renting thing bay stuffs that you would need when get to that country.

Ths will make your vacation much easier and stressfree. The good thing is you can rent absolutely anything from strollers to car seats and even high chairs for your baby.

9. Set up a sleeping space for your child

Every parent understands thari child including the kind of space and atmosphere that help them to sleep better so no matter where you are ensure to create a space for your baby to sleep comfortable.

This might need you to be creative as you would be putting different things together to get this done.

10. Have a rethink when packingĀ 

You might be able to afford every single thing your baby needs when traveling but you still need to rethink as you don’t want to over pack. You should only carry thing that are very necessary. Also reach out to your hotel and Airbnb to find out from them what they can provide for your baby so you need to bring every single thing with you. This will help reduce the load.


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