When Is The Best Time To See Penguins Phillip Island?

Having to see little beautiful penguins is a sweet experience as they are usually cute and fun to watch. Since you can have this view of the penguins on Phillip Island have you ever thought of When Is The Best Time To See Penguins Phillip Island?

These little penguins have a source of attraction on Phillip island as a lot of people love to come to watch them walk around the sea.

There are only 30 centimeters tall and weigh only around one kilogram making them the smallest ever. Most of their feathers are dark blue and their underbelly is just pale white.

They love to spend most of their time in the sea hunting and only come out when it’s sunset before going into their burrow thereby ending their day.

Though they love to spend most of their day in the sea they don’t sleep there. There sleep in their nest built in burrows but this makes it difficult to see these penguins.

You only get the chance to see them when they are matching together in their colony to their nest which is a breathtaking sight.

When Is The Best Time To See Penguins Phillip Island?

The best time to see penguins on Philip island is during sunset when the penguins are done with their business in the sea for the day and are ready to go back to their nest.

This little creature love to wait till sunset when the coast is clear of any predators, also during sunset predators won’t be able to really see them.

Though there are always around at any time of the day and year no matter the season if you really want to see them, especially in groups it is ideal to go during sunset when they are returning to sleeping spots.

While returning to their nest they sometimes pass beneath the boardwalk giving visitors a clear view of them.

What Time Exactly Can You See The Penguin On Phillip Island?

Penguins step out during sunset which is the only time you can see but you might have to wait till about 9 pm before you can actually see them.

It is preferable to come to see them when it’s summer though you be ready for the wind by bringing a jacket with you as it can get cold.

This is only easy if you are going alone or with a friend who is an adult but very difficult for parents. Though the island is always open it is only accessible by tour.

If you are worried about sitting space that’s not a problem at all the island has a sitting space of 4000. The sitting space also comes with different options according to your budget but they still all serve well as you still to see the penguins.

Should You Go For The More Expensive Sitting Space?

When Is The Best Time To See Penguins Phillip Island?

As stated earlier there are several options you can choose from when it comes to the sitting space. There’s the regular on and the premium sitting space.

The regular sitting space is usually filled with a lot of people which can ruin your mood if you don’t a lot of patience as you can have people almost sitting on you and some kid bathing you with sand while playing.

You would also have to go there very early and secure a good spot for yourself to be able to see these penguins.

The premium sitting space is far opposite as you don’t get to see a lot of people there meaning there is enough space for you.

You can also choose to use the outdoor or indoor view. The outdoor view is always the best in my opinion but if you wish you can decide to use the indoor one.

You will also get to see a larger number of penguins in the premium sitting space than in the regular ones which are worth the extra cash if you ask me.

There are other options available that you still choose from if you have a little more money to spend which is the ranger-led tour. The ranger-led tour is, even more, private and with lesser people which is the best of all other options.

If you plan to enjoy yourself to the fullest at penguin Philip island then go for the ultimate adventure where you would be taken away from the crowd completely to the quiet part of the beach.

They also have night vision binoculars you can make use of and trust me this experience is out of this world.

Can You See The Penguin On The Philip Island For Free?

Yes, you can see this penguin for free if you do not want to spend a dime but still want to enjoy the sight of these lovely creatures. But your chances of seeing them are not that much that is it still better to pay to see them.

You can be lucky to see just very few of the Nobbies boardwalk but trust me you will enjoy more seeing a large number of them matching in colonies than just one or two.

Since these penguins live in burrows that are scattered around the boardwalk you can check beneath the boardwalk to see a number of them there.

Things You Should Avoid Doing To At The Island

  • Avoid making noise
  • Don’t go too close to them
  • Don’t use flash photography
  • Don’t leave the boardwalk

These penguins are very timid, going close to them or making loud noise can make them panic and run back to the sea.

Though this is very funny to watch you should still learn to respect and avoid scaring them. If they get scared they will run back to the sea. And this might also ruin the day for you as you might not get to see that day again if you don’t have the patience to wait for them to come out.

Giveaway Tips To Help You Enjoy The General Sitting (Cheap seat)

1. Go there with a blanketThis will help you a lot as you get to sit comfortably at the beach remember you might have to wait for a long time before the arrival of the penguins.

It will also help you reserve your spot just in case you leave there for a second I won’t advise you to leave your spot though but bringing a blanket with you will definitely help.

2. Go early: The penguins don’t come out till evening but it is not advisable to go there at that exact time or a few minutes before that if you will be using the regular sitting.

A lot of people will be there already making it difficult for you to get a good spot so it is better to arrive a few hours before that time.

Also, you will get to take a picture of this penguin if you arrive early. The park does not allow people to take pictures of the penguin once it’s sunset as the light can scare them away. But if you are early you can be lucky to see a few of them around during the day and take pictures of them.

3. For parents it is advisable to come with a spade and bucket for your kids to play with. This will keep them busy while waiting for the penguins to come out.



1. What Time Do Penguins Come Ashore?

Penguins come out only after dark which can be around 9 pm. They love to come out by time after hunting and having a great time at sea to avoid being cut by predators.

They love to walk in groups before returning to their individual nest.

2. Can You See Pengiun During The Day At Philip Island?

This is under probably you can be lucky to see penguins during the day but it will be just a few of them cause they come most at sunset.

3. Are You Allowed To Touch Or Hold Them?

No, you are not allowed to touch the penguins when you see them even if they come very close to you just enjoy the close view but don’t touch or hold them.

Penguins don’t like to be touched or held, they are anti-social animals so they totally don’t need you to pet them else they might bite you if they feel threatened.

4. Do You Have To Pay To See The Penguins At Phillip Island?

No, you don’t have to pay to see the penguins at Philip Island you can see them for free but they are limited for you.

You won’t be able to join the parade meaning you won’t get the chance to see as many penguins as you wish to see.

You will only get sight of just a few penguins that are roaming around the boardwalk and you have to be lucky to even see these ones.

Now you don’t need to ask When Is The Best Time To See Penguins Phillip Island? as you now have all details you need to know about it.

5. How Can I Book To See Penguins On Philip Island?

You can simply do that by visiting their website phillip-island-tours.com


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