Why You Should Use Packing Cubes To Make Traveling Easy

Many travelers have been praising packing cubes as it has made traveling very easy for them. But still, not everyone knows about it or Why You Should Use Packing Cubes To Make Traveling Easy so here you will get to know everything about it.

First of all, before we go any further let’s explain what a packing cube is. Packing is small-size bags that help categorize and organize clothes and other traveling items in luggage thereby creating more rooms.

We all know the struggles of packing our luggage when we want to travel and how we sometimes wish we can skip this packing part.

Except you are traveling light you might not go through the hassle of packing your bag and creating space for everything you want to move within one bag.

But if you are going on long time travel of course you will need to bring a lot of stuff with you and that is where the struggle comes in.

You will want to go with a lot of stuff and also want it to all fit into one bag but it’s not happening and then you get frustrated.

And sometimes after successfully striking everything into one bag, the zipper might betray you by not surviving the journey and then you find yourself in another mess.

And you wonder if it is possible to end this struggle well the answer is yes and that’s where packing cubes come to the rescue.

Why You Should Use Packing Cubes To Make Traveling Easy

Packing cubes help to categorize your traveling items making it really easy to locate things in your bags. Every traveler understands the stress of locating things in their bags or sometimes not remembering where you kept a particular thing especially if it’s small.

To reach this item you might end up scattering the whole bag you took your time to arrange. But with packing cubes you can easily reach to even the smallest thing easily.

Even if you would be scattering anything it will just be a small bag that you can easily arrange back.

What Are Packing Cubes Used For?

  • Categorizing
  • Creating space
  • Keep cloth wrinkle-free
  • Keep bed bugs out
  • Offloading your stuff

1. Categorizing

Packing cubes help to categorize all your traveling items in a way that they are well organized and easy to find and reach.

Since packing cubes are small bags you can decide to put your clothes, bottle, electrical appliances, and makeup kits in different bags.

This way you won’t be mixing things cause everything has its own space. For women sometimes their makeup kits can stain their clothes while traveling but with packing cubes that can be avoided.

You can also arrange your stuff according to the number of days you are spending in the country you are traveling to especially if you are staying for just a while(like a week).

You can put clothes for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in different bags.

2. Creating space

This is something most travelers love the most. There is nothing more satisfying than packing a lot of stuff in your luggage and still having more space.

You would be excited and even encouraged to carry another thing you were thinking of leaving behind.

Packing cubes help to create extra rooms in your luggage. Since you are packing your stuff in different small bags you can easily arrange these bags in the luggage thereby creating space for more packing cubes.

3. Keep Cloth Wrinkle Free

Yes, packing cubes keep clothes wrinkled no matter how you decide to pack them (folding or rolling) your clothes will remain just the way you kept them.

So you don’t have to worry about ironing your clothes when you get to the desired country still your clothes are still in a fine state. You just have to wear them.

4. Keep Bed Bugs Out

Some traveler has had that horrible experience of bringing bed bugs home from traveling. It is very possible to pick these bed bugs from hotel rooms without notice.

But with packing this can be avoided since your clothes are packed in a small compartment you can easily hang these small bags in the wardrobe instead of bringing them out and folding them in the wardrobe.

Also, you won’t always have to drop your clothes on the bed contemplating which one to wear since you have already them.

5. Offloading Your Stuff

Just as packing is made easy and organized when you want to travel it’s also the same way when you want to offload them.

After returning home from your travel you can easily bring your stuff out and place them where they are supposed to be in your room.

Instead of scattering everything on your bed and starting folding from scratch, you can easily bring it out of the packing cubes and place it in your wardrobe cause they are still organized.

Also if you are scared of bed bugs you can easily throw your packing cubes into the heater with your clothes still organized.

How To Use Packing Cubes

Using packing cubes is very easy all you need to do is fold or roll your clothes into the packing cube till it s full then place them into your luggage.

You can also use them for other stuff other than clothes.

Types Of Packing Cubes

Packing cubes come in different types giving you the opportunity to choose which one is best for the kind of stuff you want to travel with.

They are available in different colors, materials, and textures.

1. Soft Shell

This one is the most popular and preferred one because they are really soft and be compressed easily. Meaning you can create even more space for yourself.

Also, it allows airflow and this is something that every traveler wants.

2. Rigid Style

These ones are also used but not by the majority. They come with a plastic front which does not give you the chance to press them down to create space.

But there are preferable for storing small stuff cause you easily find them in this kind of plastic cube.

What Are The Best Packing Cubes You Can Go For

Runoff Waterproof Packing CubeĀ 

These packing cubes are perfect for traveling or visiting water areas. You don’t have to worry about your clothes getting wet cause they are safe in this waterproof bag.

Eagle Creek Pack-It Compression Cube Set

This packing cube will help keep your secret from over-packing. You will be amazed by how much stuff these packing cubes can carry and still look moderate in size.

These cubes are designed to accommodate even sturdy items while traveling.

Packing Cubes from eBags

This is best for you if you want to travel with a lot of stuff but don’t want to carry a heavy bag. It is designed to be very light so when you stock stuff into it it still feels light to carry around.

Travel Bags from Shacke Pak

These bags are road-friendly and made from wear-resistant nylon that can bind anything inside it. It is also very considering for its availability of a laundry bag to help store dirty clothes instead of mixing them with clean ones.



What Should Consider When Purchasing Packing Cubes


Consider how much you are willing to spend to get yourself packing cubes. Though you can find packing cubes everywhere and anywhere some that are found in dollar stores may not last for a long time.

So instead it’s preferable to go for quality ones that might cost you but will last for a very long time.


Depending on your kind of travel and the thing you want to travel with you have the opportunity to choose what size is right for you. Most brands make their packing cubes in small, medium, and large sizes.

Though small sizes are mostly preferred over large ones but again it all depends on you.


Packing cubes also come in different and again you have a choice to make according to the kinds of stuff you are traveling with.

1. Mesh is soft and will allow you to clothe to breathe. You can also squeeze them to create more space in your luggage but they are prone to tearing really quickly.

2. Plastic ones help to protect more and are of great help with spillable items but they don’t give breathing space to items at all. Also, you can squeeze plastic cubes to create more space in your luggage.

3. CanvasĀ also don’t allow clothes to breathe but they are stronger than mesh so they tend to last even longer.

Are Packing Cubes Just For Clothes

No, packing cubes can be used for anything at all. Whether soft or hard as long as you are actually traveling with this thing you can easily place it in your packing cubes.

How Many Packing Do You Need

This all depends on you, whether you are traveling light for just a few days with just a few stuff or you are going for a long time with lots of stuff.

This totally depends on you, you are free to do what you want and use as many packing cubes as you need.

Why Are Packing Cubes A Must Traveling Parents

Packing cubes will definitely help if you are a parent and planning to travel. With different children, you have a lot of packing to do and need to know the best way to pack.

With packing cubes you can get enough space to pack your kid’s clothes. Most importantly you can identify which packing cube belongs to each of your children by using different colors for each kid.

So if you have three kids use three different colors to pack their stuff and you will be amazed by how this will transform your traveling experience.

So for your next travel ensure to use a packing cube and you would realize Why You Should Use Packing Cubes To Make Traveling Easy


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