How To Prepare For Travel With Pets

How To Prepare For Travel With Pets

Our pets are our family and we don’t wish to stay away from them for a long time especially when traveling. But they are things we need to prepare before traveling with pets. They are several rules that guide traveling with pets in different airports which must be followed before you can place your pet in the airplane.


What Are Different Airlines Rules For Traveling With Pets?

1. American Airlines

American Airlines allows service dogs to travel with their owners as long as they fit to sit on their laps, feet, or under the seat and don’t block the aisle. They also do need a doctor’s letter less than a year own for emotional and psychiatric service less than 48 hours before the flight.

They also allow for small pet dogs and cats to fly only if they fly in their carrier with a fee of $125 or $175 for cargo planes with some capacity and weather restrictions.

2. Delta Airline

Owners would need to provide a required document 48 hours before flight day for emotional support and service animals. They also need to fit on the lap, feet, or under the owner’s seat. They allow people to travel with their animals too but must remain in their carrier that fits comfortably under the seat.

Dealt also has a cargo plane that can help fly your pet’s animals and would restrict animals with wild behaviors.

3. Southwest Airline

Southwest airline allows the pet to fly both services dog and pet dogs they just have to fit properly on the lap feet and under the seat. Service dogs or animals must not be bigger than the size of a child and should not be over two years. Also, a doctor’s report is needed to be submitted 48 hours before the flight day.

4. United Airline

United airline allows service dogs for qualified individuals with a disability that is well trained to stay in a plane. They also allow emotional service dogs who need a doctor’s report. Both dogs have to fit on their owner’s legs, feet, and under the seat.

5. Alaska Airline

In Alaska airline service animals are allowed to fly for free but they must only occupy the owner’s seat and not disturb the aisle. While traveling with emotional service animals must submit certain documents. The emotional service animal must be more than a year with a letterhead from a mental health professional.

Pet animals, must be at least eight weeks old and must have been prepared for the flight five days before the flight day. Only dogs, cats, rabbits, household birds,s and tropical fish are allowed with a flight fee of $100.

How To Prepare For Travel With Pets

1. Let your pet get a traveling experience

Allow your pets to have the experience of moving around in cars and other means of transport as this will really help out if they have to travel with you on a plane. If your pet feels nauseated or uncomfortable when riding in cars then you should take him for practice rides.

To keep your pet encouraged to take more rides with you always give them treats after each ride as a reward this way they will want to do more till they get used to it.

2. Learn all the rules and regulations of flying with your pets

If you would be flying with your pet for any reason make sure you learn about the airline’s rules and regulations and follow them. Different airlines have different rules so make sure you check for the airline you want to use to help you prepare whatever document they might need beforehand.

3. Take your pet for a health check

Before traveling with your pet whether by road or by air make sure to check their health if they are strong enough for that journey. Let your pet get vaccinated to help keep both you and your pet safe. Pets that are taken on travel without vaccination or license can spread disease which might attract certain punishment from the airline

4. Train your dog to get used to the carrier before the flight

Weeks before the flight help your pet to get used to the carrier. Train them to feel comfortable going into the carrier by themselves. You can begin by leaving them in there for a while even when they are at home. This way they will get used to the space and smell in they and begin to find their own comfort zone there themselves.

5. Take them on rides while in the carrier

Once your pet is now used to their carrier take them on a ride so they can get used to the sound and motion while being in the carrier.

6. Help your pet get used to airport sounds

Go online download airport sound and crowd and play it for your pet from time to time before traveling with them. This way they will get used to the sound and rush of the crowd which can help stop them from panicking when you take them to the airport.

7. Ask your vet about sedatives for your pet

Though it is not a good idea if you have tried it all and you are certain that your pet hates to travel then ask your vet for the sedative to use for your pet. Your vet will help you prescribe the right sedative for your pet that will be safe for them.

8. Microchip your dog

No matter how careful you may be something can still happen and you may lose sight of your dog. Microchipping will help you locate your dog very fast. Make sure to inform your veterinarian about microchipping your dogs weeks before the flight.

What to do before boarding the plane

1. Take your dog for a walk before the flight

Your dog will be in their carrier for hours which is quite a long time to be at a spot so before the flight tries to take your dog around for a walk before the flight takes off.

2. Take them to the pet relief

Take them to the pet relief to help ease themself before they board the plane.

What to do during the flight

1. Feed your dog during the flight

Don’t starve your dog during the flight bring with you food and water that will feed your dog for a whole day. This will help stay energized and hydrated during the flight.

2. Try to keep your dog entertained during the flight

If your dog is traveling in the same plane as you try to keep your dog entertained so they don’t get too bored and start whining.




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