How To Visit Lake Como In Winter

Lake Como is a fantastic place to visit in any season but if you want to see natural beauty you should definitely visit during winter. The lake has a fantastic look during the cold season which is you should know how to visit lake Como in winter.

If you are looking for a place you can visit during the holiday without breaking the bank Lake Como is the place for you.

Especially during winter which is an off-peak season you can definitely steal this time to enjoy all the benefits the area has to offer on a really low budget and with good planning.

You get to enjoy the beautiful winter scene, less crowded restaurants,s and cheap accommodation. The Winter season is really the best time to visit lake Como cause it gives this homely vibe during this time.

Though you might not get to enough of the thing you would enjoy during summer but look at the brighter side. You would have to struggle with hordes of tourists or break the bank just to get a ticket or accommodation.

Why Should You Visit Lake Como In Winter?

Winter is always the low season in Lake Como and this is the main reason you should visit during this because is so cheap. You get to have almost everything to yourself and easily with booking in advance and all that stuff.

During this time there is less crowd on the street cause you don’t see tourists visiting meaning you won’t be struggling to walk down the street like you would if you visit in summer.

Every visitor who visits a country for the first always plans to visit different places but it gets really stressful when you have to struggle through the crowd just to get to your destination.

You can go into any restaurant to enjoy their meals without booking a space in advance. Accommodation is also really cheap even if you decide to stay in the fanciest hotel you still afford it if you visit during winter.

During summer the prices of everything are always high in lake Como and you might not be able to afford everything you want which is why you should grab the opportunity of the cold season.

Winter has its own unique splendor. The clear blue sky reflecting off the sea appears almost navy in color, and although you still need to dress warmly, the air is windier than freezing.

Although Como doesn’t get a lot of heavy snow, the Mountains that surround the lake are frequently covered with snow in the winter, which is a breathtaking sight.

Fans of skiing and snowboarding can also take advantage of terrific runs in a setting that is quieter than other Mountain ski resorts.

The lake never gets frozen totally so you can still enjoy a pleasant boat ride and a stroll along the waterfront including a tasty coffee and dessert when you feel like it.

How To Visit Lake Como In Winter?

Lake Como is most easily reached via Milan. There are three airports in Milan: Malpensa, Linate, and Bergamo. You can then choose between renting a car or taking a train from Milan to Como.

It will take around an hour to travel by car and by train. I will note that having a car makes traveling around a lot easier because there are fewer transportation alternatives around Lake Como during the winter.

What You Can Do In Lake Como In Winter?

1. Visit Local Villages Near Lake Como

Though some of the villages are closed from visiting in winter there are much more that are open and you can visit. Villages like Como, Bellagio, Lecco, Varenna, and Menaggio are locations you should really visit.

You would enjoy the scene and experience of traveling through narrow roads with beautiful and colorful houses. You only get two options to move around either by using a car or a boat. Personally, I prefer using a car for the easy schedule and you get to stop just anywhere to wish to stop.

2. Take A Stroll Around The Lake

The lake can be said to be the sort of attraction when visiting Lake Como. Being the most beautiful lake in Italy you should not miss the opportunity of seeing this beauty with your eyes.

You would also get to view the mountains around the lake covered with snow which gives off a Disney kinda scene.

3. Enjoy Skiing On Slopes Around Lake Como

If you ever wonder what to do in Lake Como or even Milan during the winter, going skiing or engaging in other winter sports is a fantastic alternative for a day trip.

Since Lake Como is situated in the center of the mountain, it is possible to go for just one hour from the lake to some amazing slopes.

The three primary ski resorts in this region are Monte Sighiognola, Valchiavenna, and Piani di Bobbio.

Whether you are an expert snowboarder or not, the ski resorts near Lake Como have options for all skill levels at quite a reasonable price.

4. Try The Regional Cuisine And Delicious Italian Food

In the winter, most restaurants will provide you with a variety of soup and stew alternatives, dishes made with polenta, and local wine choices.

For us, discussing travel would be incomplete without mentioning cuisine. There are several types and local eateries in the Lake Como region where you may sample the local food while savoring a fine Italian wine.

Pizzoccheri, a traditional dish from Como made with buckwheat and cabbage, is one of the most well-known. It’s worthwhile to give it a shot.

5. Visit The Local Christmas Market And The City Center

You should undoubtedly attend the community Christmas market in Como, which is renowned for having exceptional ones with the main square lit up at night with show lights.

6. Take the cable car up to get a bird’s-eye view of Lake Como

If engaging in winter activities is not your thing, don’t worry; you can still climb mountains to take in the breathtaking views of the lake.

A few cable cars have been erected around the lake. If you are staying in Como, take the year-round Brunate cable car, also known as the Brunate funicular in Italian.



1. Where Can You Stay In Lake Como?

A lot of accommodation is usually available in winter and also at cheap prices. Here is a list of places you can stay in Lake Como.

Hostel: Ostello Bello Lake Como

  • Excellent 9.3 rating on
  • Offers single, twin, double, or triple rooms with private bathrooms as well as female or mixed dormitories
  • Guests particularly love the friendly staff and goodies available in the kitchen

Hotel: B&B Hotel Como City Center

  • Large, comfortable rooms for single or double travelers with private bathrooms
  • Very quiet and peaceful stay despite close proximity to the city center of Como
  • Very close to the train station, ferry depot, and lots of great restaurants
  • Top tip: Pizzium is a fantastic pizzeria located a block away

Waterfront hotel: B&B Vista Lago

  • Offers beautiful waterfront views for a reasonable nightly price
  • Many rooms have private terraces with water views, travelers raved that the views were even better than the photos online
  • Breakfast is included

2. Does It Snow In Lake Como In WInter?

Yes, it snows in lake Como in winter but if you visited there before you might have thought it doesn’t snow there at all.

Well, it does just that it melts quickly all thanks to the water, and to prove this look around Lake Como during winter and you find all the mountains covered in snow.

3. Is it worth visiting Lake Como in winter?

It is totally worth it to visit Lake Como in winter as you get to see the beautiful lake for yourself and even the mountains covered in snow which is a good play spot for snow lovers.

You also get everything at a low price during this time and have the whole city almost to yourself.

4. Do Lake Como ferries run in winter?

Yes even during winter you still get to see ferries running because the lake does not get completely frozen so movement on the surface is still possible.

5. Can you swim in Lake Como in winter?

Well, if you can bear the cool water running on your skin then yes you can swim in the lake but this is not advisable at all.

Also if you are allowed to swim ensure not to swim too far from the shore because of the undercurrent which can be quite dangerous in Lake Como in winter.



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