10 Places You Can Travel To That Are Budget Friendly

Are you thinking of traveling this holiday on a budget but don’t know where to go? Not to worry there are amazing 10 places you can travel to that are budget-friendly.

When thinking of traveling to a different country, especially for the first you will have a lot in your head. You would think of how much it will take out of your pocket and the beautiful adventure you will experience.

Most times people only do focus more on the traveling fees. Of course, you will have to save hundreds of dollars if you are thinking of traveling out but still, there are places that won’t break your bank account.

Don’t get discouraged by the fact that you can’t afford to travel and have fun, especially during holidays cause you to think you will exhaust all your cash to get survive a few days in that country.

There are countries you can actually visit and won’t have to spend much to have fun and memorable adventure there.

Tips For Travelling On A Budget

It is normal for people to want to travel during a holiday to a country that is currently having a festival or any other type of event.

During this time there is the possibility of the ticket price to that country being high also you might have to spend a lot just to stay there for a few days.

To avoid this visit you desired a country at a time when it is not in high demand. At this time things won’t be too expensive when you get to that country.


Things To Consider When Travelling Abroad

  • Flight fee
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Fun and adventure

1. Flight Fee

Before you start dreaming and imagining how much fun you will have in a particular country enquire about the flight fee.

Be sure of how much you will spend to get there. Remember that when traveling you will make arrangements that also cost you money.

You might need to buy a new bag, some new clothes, and shoes though this is not necessary some people are like this.

Also, you will want to make sure that you get all your beauty products and toiletries as you are not sure if you will find your favorite product in that country and if you can afford to purchase it in that country.

Now imagine you spending on all these things and then finding out that you can’t afford the flight fee to the country you have prepared for.

You would sure be pissed off, annoyed, and sad that’s why it is important to have knowledge about the cost of traveling first.

2. Accommodation 

These are very important subjects you definitely should have on your list when traveling. Before pushing your travel papers ensure you make inquiries about the accommodation.

Especially for people traveling on a budget you definitely want to find an affordable place to stay. Even if you have the money to pay for an expensive hotel room you still need to check for accommodation before boarding your flight.

You certainly don’t want to start roaming around a country you just traveled to in the quest of looking for a place to stay.

And if you are on a budget this will even be more difficult for you cause you might end up visiting a number of hotels and still not getting a place to stay cause you can’t afford the prices you were told.

So instead before moving out of your house to the airport run good research on the affordable and comfortable place that you can stay during your visit.

Also if you are traveling to that country to visit a particular place like a museum or a zoo try to get your accommodation somewhere close to that museum, zoo, or anywhere else you want to visit. This will help cut the cost of transportation.

3. Food

Now for the food, after getting your accommodation you should also think of what you will eat over there cause there is no way you will enjoy your stay anywhere with a hungry stomach.

Check out the kind of food that is available in that country if you will be able to eat and afford them.

Though you might want to try new food when you travel to a particular country, you should browse for food you are familiar with and their cost just in case you end up not fancying the taste of a meal in that country or it is something you can’t eat.

For instance, most food in South Korea consists of pork(pig meat) which is something a Muslim person cannot consume as it is against their tradition.

Imagine a Muslim brother or sister not knowing about this before traveling to South Korea. That’s why you need to gather knowledge on the kinds of food that are consumed in the country you want to travel to.

4. Fun And Adventure

Now to the fun part, mostly before traveling to a country you already have in mind where you want to visit in that country.

It is better if you have already chosen places to visit before travel but that’s should not be all. Just picking the place is not enough you should also make inquiries about the cost.

Get to know how much you spend in a day to have fun in that place you want to visit and probably what you might need before you are granted access to the place so you can get those things before going.

This way you will know the cost of everything before you even make a move.


10 Places You Can Travel To That Are Budget Friendly

  • Cambodia
  • China
  • South Korea
  • India
  • Portugal
  • Australia
  • Thailand
  • Spain
  • Macedonia
  • Warsaw, Poland

1. Cambodia

When talking about Southern Asia Cambodia should always be first on the list if you are traveling on a budget.

Here you will be welcomed by a beautiful city with hospitable people and also most important low cost.

With just $50 dollars you can enjoy a whole day in this country as a traveler. You can get good accommodation that is air-conditioned for just $20, street food for as low as $2 dollars, and transportation around the country for just $20.

So if you are searching for a country you will spend less and enjoy more try visiting this country.

2. China

You might not want to think of traveling to china cause you think staying here will cost you a lot but wait till I give you a breakdown of the cost of staying here for a day.

China is not as expensive as you think though you might want to stay away from the big cities cause things will be expensive there and instead stay in places that are far from the big cities.

But staying in the big city is still not as expensive as you think even for a traveler on a budget. You can still get a good hotel worth less than $20 food for $3-5 and local transportation for less than a dollar.

3. South Korea

South Korea is a country not many people are talking about. Things are unbelievably cheap here and you won’t have to break your account to visit or have fun in this country.

The country is built in a very beautiful way with amazing people and delicious food. High in technology and very beautiful night view.

This definitely the country you will want to go back to after your first visit cause they are a lot of things to surprise you here.

Their exchange rate to a dollar will make you want to stay in this country even more than you planned when you realize how much you will spend for a day here.

4. India

With India’s currency being 73 rupees to a dollar it is one of the places you can travel to that are budget-friendly.  You have a lot to enjoy in this country at a cheap rate. Unless you are thinking of staying in a five-star hotel and going after expensive stuff here then you might end up spending a lot.

But if you are going on a budget you can definitely survive a whole day here with $50 or even less. You will also meet very hospitable and friendly people here who are always very curious. You can never get bored.

They also have a fascinating culture and tasty food there too.

5. Portugal 

Portugal is one of the places you can travel to that are budget friendly

Portugal is one of the Euro countries that is relatively cheap to stay in and still you get to enjoy a whole lot.

With their historical cities, beautiful beaches, delicious meals, wine country and a lot more you will definitely be on the winning side compared to how much you will be spending for all this.

Though some cities are becoming expensive these days due to the population of visitors like Lisbon there are still some cities you can visit and enjoy your stay at a very cheap rate.

6. Australia

Australia is now a cheap country you can visit thanks to the 20% percent drop in its dollar. Now people who are on a budget can visit this country without their bank account.

You just have to know the right tricks and plan to follow and you will find yourself enjoying your stay in Australia without spending much.

7. Thailand

The amount you will enjoy a whole day in Thailand will amaze you. You can go for a full day for just $20-30. Of course, this is possible when staying in the local areas.

Even if you are targeting to enjoy your visit to the island and other expensive places you will only need $50 for a day which is still cheap.

This is why Thailand is best for travelers who are on a budget because they get to make choices while still spending less.

8. Spain

Yes, this one will shock you but Spain is a budget-friendly place to visit. Though not as cheap as Thailand but it is still very affordable.

You won’t be spending much here on accommodation, food and visiting places so. When talking about places to visit there are numerous places that you can visit at a cheap rate and gather beautiful memories.

9. Macedonia

Macedonia is a country that is unbelievably cheap as you will be spending just 25-45 EUR daily. Still, you get to enjoy delicious meals, visit beautiful places and have comfortable accommodations.

You will also just need to travel a few kilometers away to get to other cities that will blow your mind like the capital Skopje which is a recently regenerated city center full of countless statues.

10. Warsaw, Poland

Though Poland is a European country it still has not changed its currency to Euro. This makes it currency cheap when compared to the western European currency.

This way you can spend less and enjoy more in this country. If you are someone who loves nature and history you will be welcomed by that there.

Most of the natural wonders are completely free to visit while the tourist parks are cheap to visit. They have also managed to maintain most of their ancient architecture which will wow you when you see them.

This is a full list of amazing and beautiful 10 places you can travel to that are budget-friendly.



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