13 List Of Amazing Things To Do In Konya

Things To Do Konya

From the hospitable people to the beautiful ancient museums to their local meals and drink to their beautiful religious dance Konya is a tourist stop for a reason.

In Konya, you would get to see amazing art, artifact, and even building that is dated back thousands of years. It is a surprise how these people were able to preserve not just their ancient culture but also buildings.

There are lots of places to visit in Konya that have fascinating stories you won’t forget in your lifetime. It is a good experience seeing all the historical buildings and artifacts and getting to know about people who lived thousands of years ago.

So if you are someone who doesn’t only want to swim on beaches and run on playgrounds but also wants to learn about fantastic past and history Konya is the best place to visit.

13 List Of Amazing Things To Do In Konya

  • Visit the Mevlana Museum
  • Watch The Dervishes Whirling
  • Visit the Ince Minare Mosque Museum
  • Visit The Alaeddin Mosque
  • Satisfy Your Eyes With The Ceramic Artistry In The Karatay Tile Works Museum
  • Visit the Neolithic Site of Çatalhöyük
  • Have a Nice Time on The Alaeddin Hill
  • Explore the Village of Sille
  • Visit The Kultur Park
  • Enjoy Local Meal
  • Visit The Tropical Butterfly Garden
  • Enjoy Your Day Drinking Cai (Turkey tea)
  • Take A Stroll Around The Old Bazaar

1. Visit the Mevlana Museum


The main attraction here is the tomb of Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi who was a poet and religious leader in the 13th century. He is also the founder of the whirling dervish sect of Sufism. His teaching was based on the development of character.

Today he has a lot of followers who come to visit him in the mausoleum especially the school of Sufi Islam. The museum is beautified with rose flowers all through the ornate Gate of the Dervishes.

The complex inside the museum is the main focus of the worshipper and this is where devotional worship is held. Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi is located at the far end of the museum with tombs of other family members and followers each on the side of his tomb.

To the left is the hall where the dervish ceremonies are performed and it’s filled with religious exhibits.

2. Watch The Dervishes Whirling

whirling dervishes

If you are visiting Turkey Konya precisely you do not miss out on watching the Whirling Dervishes. Since this is where the dance and form of worship were founded it is held every Saturday by 7 pm all year round. And it is even free no need to buy a ticket or book a seat.

The whirling dervish ceremony is called a Sema and is the main devotional ritual of Sufis of the Mevlevi order (along with some other Sufi orders). The whirling is a form of prayer and meditations that dervishes believe bring them closer to God.

3. Visit the Ince Minare Mosque Museum

Ince Minareli Medrese

The edifice, which was constructed in 1260 for the Seljuk vizier Sahip Ata, has a beautifully sculpted entrance portal and an artistically carved octagonal minaret. Making it one of Konya’s most distinctive examples of Seljuk-era Islamic architecture.

Albeit it is now shorter than a typical minaret because it lost its top when it was struck by lightning.

The structure is presently being utilized as a museum inside, displaying a sizable collection of wooden and stone sculptures from the Seljuk era.

Despite Islamic law forbidding such portrayals, animals and humans were frequently depicted in Seljuk art, and many of the items on display here include intricately drawn portraits of birds, lions, and people.

4. Visit The Alaeddin Mosque

alladin mosque

If you are around Alaeddin hill visit the mosque which is the earliest Seljuk-era mosque in Turkey and was completed in 1220.  The mosque The building is filled with tombs holding numerous sultan generations.

Although Alaeddin Mosque’s facade isn’t particularly remarkable, you may stroll through and capture some lovely pictures of the interior.

There is a lovely courtyard area with a great view of the city as well. As soon as you enter the courtyard, just remember to put your shoes back on.

5. Satisfy Your Eyes With The Ceramic Artistry In The Karatay Tile Works Museum


Though you might be wondering why you should visit a tile museum you would be intrigued if you can just go there.

The beauty of these tile works is unimaginable so you should really visit this museum before leaving Konya.

The walls of this building are filled with samples of Seljuk tiles and other ceramics that were excavated from nearby archaeological sites.

The tile museum is mainly for showcasing Seljuk enamel tile work which was founded in 1251 by the Seljuk and has been used as a theological college.

6. Visit the Neolithic Site of Çatalhöyük

Visit the Neolithic Site of Çatalhöyük

Though this place might not be so fun you would get to see what structures from centuries ago seemed like.

This site is actually from 9000 years ago which makes it even more interesting. Because you get to see how people from centuries ago build their houses.

Excavation is still going there and you might be able to meet people working on the site if you visit there during summer.

It is said that since there were no roads or walkways then people were going into their houses from holes on the roof.

7. Have a Nice Time on The Alaeddin Hill

Have a Nice Time on The Alaeddin Hill

This is a place you will see a crowd of Konya locals having a nice time at the hill with the flowers and even having Cai.

Konya locals love to visit this place after a long hectic day just to come to relax and enjoy the beautiful sight of the flower.

You can also go to see the excavation site of Alaeddin Kaykobad’s palace and what is left of the old city walls.

8. Explore the Village of Sille

13 List Of Amazing Things To Do In Konya

The village of Sille is a small village that is located just at the edge of the city it is a former Ottoman-Greek settlement.

Locals of Konya also crowd this place in the morning for breakfast, especially during weekends.

This small village also has two new churches and streets filled with wooden-beamed houses, and caves from ancient days.

9. Visit The Kultur Park 

Visit The Kultur Park 

Kultur Park is just like a bar located in other countries where you would go to have a nice time after a long stressful day.

Though it is not a bar it is a good place to relax after a long day of touring especially for visitors. There are pools with neon light shows for you to enjoy.

You would also get to see the mosques that are around this park. This experience is more better and relaxing at night as you get to feel the cool weather and see all the light better at that time.

10. Enjoy Local Meal

Enjoy Local Meal

Traveling to any country, city, or town without tasting their food is not complete at all. If you are in Konya you definitely need to delete yourself with Konya meals in restaurants.

Just in case you are thinking about your budget good in Konya is very cheap compared to other countries you would ever visit.

So if you ever find yourself in Konya ensure to visit their restaurant and enjoy their delicious meals.

11. Visit The Tropical Butterfly Garden

13 List Of Amazing Things To Do In Konya

Visiting the tropical butterfly garden is an amazing place to visit with families and friends especially if you have kids.

The garden is full of beautiful flowers of different species and thousands of butterflies. You would absolutely enjoy your day here watching butterflies with different colors and designs flying around.

12. Enjoy Your Day Drinking Cai (Turkey tea)

Enjoy Your Day Drinking Cai (Turkey tea)

Cai is a turkey tea you can enjoy after a stressful day since you can not find alcoholic drinks here cai is the best option for you.

Not to worry you would definitely love it when you taste it and you would also feel like one of the locals here.

13. Take A Stroll Around The Old Bazaar

Old Bazaar can be said to be the heart of Konya. You would enjoy taking a stroll down this place and getting to see what life is like around there.

You might get stared at though but don’t feel awkward about it, locals here don’t really see tourists that much so when they see someone different they will stare.



1. How Safe Is Konya?

Konya is a religious place filled with people who are devoted to their beliefs and never want to go against their beliefs.

This makes Konya a very safe place for tourists to visit because you can rest assured that no one will hurt you or take anything from you forcefully.

2. Is Konya Turkey worth visiting?

Surprisingly despite being a conservative place Konya has a lot to offer. There are lots of places to visit, things to see and even learn about.

So yes it totally worth it to visit Konya as you would also get the chance to taste their other delicious meals. As for the people, there are completely hospitable and would welcome you warmly.

3. How many days do you need in Konya?

You can stay for as long as you wish but three days to a week is enough to explore Konya and see most of their museums, and gardens and even enjoy their delicacies.

4. What food is Konya famous for?

Konya has many delicious delicacies but they are some that they are more famous for there are Cebic, tip-tandoor kebabs, etliekmek, and bıcakarası swet.

These meals are must-haves if you happen to visit Konya and you would realize why there are so famous.

All these and more are things to do in Konya.


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