10 Top Best Vegetarian Restaurant Located in Chennai

Chennai is the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. And it is filled with perfect spots for vegetarians. So if you are a vegetarian here are the top best vegetarian restaurant located in Chennai.

For its renowned culinary talents, Chennai is frequently praised. However, a common misperception about vegetarian food in Chennai is that it consists mostly of idli and dosas.

It is crucial to realize that South Indian food, especially vegetarian food, has a number of additional ingredients, each of which has a unique touch and flavor.

Because they may not have allowed themselves to try the excellent vegetarian options provided by various eateries.

The majority of individuals who consume non-vegetarian food frequently mock and look down on vegetarian meals.

This is also because Chennai probably has fewer vegetarians than other parts of India.


Top Best Vegetarian Restaurant Located in Chennai

  • Sangeetha
  • Eden
  • Hamsa
  • Ratna Cafe
  • Annalakshmi
  • Flower Drum
  • Prive Restaurant
  • Royal Vega
  • ID
  • Pakwan

1. Sangeetha

One of the well-known restaurant chains that are well-liked throughout Chennai is this one.

It offers inexpensive south Indian, north Indian, and Chinese food that is very easy on the stomach.

Good staff members give you high-quality cuisine swiftly and effectively at a no-frills restaurant. They uphold the standard and the caliber of the food with locations all around the city.

For various customers, they often feature a non-AC area and an AC section. The money you spend on their meals is entirely justified.

2. Eden

Eden is well known and that’s because it has been running for more than two decades now. And still offers their customers the best services and meals.

There are known for its home-style Indian menu and the ability to keep their eyes on customers’ needs and preferences. Therefore rendering quality services.

3. Hamsa

This is another spot for vegetarians where you have a romantic candle-lit meal with your spouse. The restaurant is also decorated in a unique way with handmade embroidery and a water body.

It is known and loved for its great food consisting of North and South food. Making them one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Chennai.

4. Ratna Cafe

Ratna Cafe, one of the more established older eateries, is renowned for providing its customers with some of the best idli sambars.

It is renowned for its sambar, dosas, and other daily offerings of South Indian food.

You must visit this location because of its historical significance; over the many years they have been in business, their patrons have sworn by it. They should definitely be recognized for their coffee.

5. Annalakshmi

This location offers more than just a tasty meal. Today, Annalakshmi has outlets all over the world and feeds various people every day.

It has the idea of professional cooks who enhance the entire culinary experience after years of preparing meals for their families. You should try the thalis and the many types.

The environment is welcoming, and the cuisine is prepared with care. With a temple-themed design, it is not only a great location to eat, but also beautiful to look at.

6. Flower Drum

For non-vegetarian dining, Chinese and Asian cuisine were among the top choices. In Chennai, Flower Drum can be credited with a slight change in that.

Despite having parking issues at its first location, this restaurant thrived and currently runs two locations in Chennai.

The menu is quite extensive. Their corn cornet, which is American corn that has been floured and fried, as well as their dim sums and Thai curries, are both highly well-liked.

7. Prive Restaurant

One of Chennai’s most well-known dining establishments is Prive, which is renowned for both its cuisine and atmosphere.

They offer a wide variety of food, including Asian, South Indian, and North Indian meals.

It is renowned for its flavor and customer support. It is well-liked and has established itself as a top vegetarian restaurant in Chennai.

Visit Prive once for a royal dining experience if you’re in Chennai.

8. Royal Vega

Royal Vega is exceptional in many ways when it comes to dining occasions in five-star hotels.

The interiors take their cues from palace architecture and may quickly transform into cozy private eating places.

The menu, which changes in accordance with the six ritus (or seasons), also includes some of the most unusual foods in the nation in addition to seasonal ones.

The entire staff is vegetarian, therefore they do take their vegetarian eating experience very seriously.

9. ID

What began as a daring experiment within one of Chennai’s most well-liked multiplexes has grown into one of the most well-liked vegetarian franchises in the city.

Their store at the domestic airport in Chennai is also well-liked. It’s a new, modern take on a South Indian restaurant, yet the majority of the menu sticks to traditional recipes.

They also sell beverages, with buttermilk and coffee being two of their most well-known options.

10. Pakwan

When it comes to tastes and the atmosphere, Pakwan is all about having a spectacular experience.

It offers some fantastic north Indian cuisine and is a fantastic day trip.

The Panneer dishes here are particularly noteworthy because they are true to their name. Additionally, they serve some intriguing foods that the daring can surely try.

If you are a vegetarian who also loves to get the best service while enjoying your meal ensure to visit these Top Best Vegetarian Restaurant Located in Chennai



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